The PodKast with a James

What do three Doctor Who fans do when the series ends? Well, two of them take the day off…

This week’s Kasterborous podKast with a “K” features James McLean in a specially recorded interview with the writer and Doctor Who fan John Kenneth Muir, who discusses the series, related matters and his various books.

John Kenneth Muir is an award-winning author of an impressive 22 reference books and guides to popular film and TV series in the sci-fi, comedy and horror genres. Most importantly for our purposes, John is also the creative force behind the celebrated and the popular media blog, Reflections on Film and Television – – and writer of “A Critical History of Doctor Who on Television” and “A History and Critical Analysis of Blake’s 7”.

James spoke to John about all manner of related topics, and managed to edit down the mammoth interview into a special 80 minute podKast with a K for our listeners.

So in a break from the usual podKast programming, click play to hear James and John Kenneth Muir discussing some very interesting stuff…


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To find out more about John, you can check his blog above (updated daily) or visit In addition, you can find out more about his recent 832 page hardback title Horror Films of the 1990s on Amazon or by visiting the publisher’s website.

Next week’s podKast will once again signify a break from the norm as we welcome one or two special guests to discuss Doctor Who Series 6!

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