The Wedding of River Song Review

The Wedding of River Song

This week’s show is our much expected The Wedding of River Song review. What’s the deal with eyepatch lady? Does the trailer give away too much or not enough?

The great thing about Doctor Who is that there isn’t a single story that is completely, 100% universally loved. With fans being very opinionated about what makes “great” Doctor Who, it is only right that we should get a podKast (with a “K”) that features three very different attitudes…

So join Christian Cawley, Brian A Terranova and James McLean as they discuss the Series 6 finale, The Wedding of River Song, how much of it made sense, whether there was really a wedding in it and just what the attraction is for the Doctor when it comes to humans…

Meanwhile, we also praise the wonderful tribute to Nicholas Courtney, observe some initial similarities between the opening moments of The Wedding of River Song and the Time Leech comic strip and provide a brief preview of next week’s podKast

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