Does Terminator really need an AI-centric reboot?

James Cameron has hinted at a new Terminator movie, this time with an AI twist.

Renowned filmmaker James Cameron has hinted at an upcoming Terminator movie that will focus on a new artificial intelligence aspect. The visionary director has revealed that the new installment in the Terminator franchise will delve deeper into the concept of AI, offering audiences a new perspective on the popular sci-fi storyline.

Cameron’s announcement suggests that this movie will differentiate itself from previous Terminator movies by exploring how AI affects society and the human race. Considering that the series has always centered on the battle between advanced machines and humanity, this fresh take on the story could give fans an intriguing and thought-provoking viewing experience.

It seems, however, that this is a project in search of backing at present. The director is already busy on reviving Avatar, so it’s safe to say that while any new Terminator movie will be a fresh take on the story, it could be years bfore it happens – if it even does.

Terminator, AI

The big question of, course, is why? Sure, artificial intelligence is a big deal right now, with Midjourney, Chat-GPT, and many other generative AI tools demonstrating just how powerful it might be. We live in a world where robots and computers are replacing manual tasks, where we’re forced to scan our own goods, or order our own food in a restaurant, rather than keeping people in paid employment.

Once AI hits that tipping point, the so-called singularity, things will be irreversible (beyond the scourge of a nuclear or solar EMP).

So, it’s a pretty big challenge, and one that James Cameron is clearly qualified to take on with a smartly-told movie. But if Terminator is the answer, we wonder if the wrong question is being asked…

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