About Kasterborous

Long ago, there was a website that delivered news and editorial to a bunch of Doctor Who fans. As the show grew in popularity, so did the site.

Unfortunately, we’d originally aimed to cover far more than time travelling adventures on the site, but things… got away from us.

Until now.

Welcome to Kasterborous, a hub of classic TV news, cult TV information, clips, interviews, and our Doctor Who podcast (originally “The podKast with a K”) still going 16 years after its first episode way back in 2007.

Over the years the podcast has featured in-depth discussions, irreverence, and even interviews, covering everything from publishing fanzines to building sonic screwdrivers, working as a voice actor on Doctor Who, and developing video games.

Who can you hear on Kasterborous?

You’ll hear the following voices on most editions of our podcast:

Christian Cawley

Freelance writer and editor by day, primary producer of the podcast by night.

Christian favours the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who, and is fascinated how opinions about media evolve over time. Elsewhere, his interests encompass TV sitcoms, stand up comedy, blues music, sci-fi movies, and a fascination with production.

He first encountered online Doctor Who fandom in 1997 and to this day wishes he hadn’t…

Learn more (if you dare) from his semi-regular blog, or view his online archive.

James McLean

Professional contrarian and fan of Syvester McCoy, James wages a continual war against his own conscience: hob nobs, or bourbons? Oh, and he watches TV, lectures students, and rides and eBike.

(Some or none of the above may be inaccurate.)

Brian Terranova

For the first decade of the Kasterborous podcast, Brian’s voice was a regular feature and he still joins in from time to time. While he’s not gracing the podwaves with this thoughts, Brian dresses as David Tennant’s Doctor(s) and makes movies.

Other regular voices

Some other regular guests can be heard on the podcast:

John Kenneth Muir

John is a literary critic and semi-regularly slums it with James in the “Excellent Journey” series. We won’t go too much into John’s expertise as he has his own Wikipedia page, confirmation if it was still needed that we’re out of our league with him on on board.

Gareth Kavanagh

Producer of Doctor Who-adjacent events, shows, and publications. You can find Gareth’s projects at room5064.co.uk and vworpvworp.co.uk.

Where to listen

Primarily hosted on Audioboom, each edition of the Doctor Who podcast (and our others) can be found here at www.kasterborous.co.uk. You can also find the Kasterborous podcast on:

…and pretty much every other podcast directories.

While the podcast might be largely about Doctor Who, it’s often merely a starting point to some other related discussion. We might take in other shows, or consider the changing face of the TV industry. Some of our reviews:

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