PodKast Series 6 Summary

The podKast with a “K” goes retrospective this week as we cast our eyes and our minds (not to mention your ears) back across the whole of Series 6, with our special guest, Vworp Vworp! editor Gareth Kavanagh.

In the past we’ve done round table discussions as articles, but this time around we thought it might be better to give our listener the chance to experience the thoughts as they’re shared, rather than in edited form.

We go into detail on a number of interesting points, such as the Tessalecta, the Lodger TARDIS, Steven Moffat’s broken promise of a proper death in The Impossible Astronaut and his choice of writers, as well as mulling once more on Alex Kingston and River Song and judging what can be gained from Series 6 going forwards into 2012.

Now we’re well aware that we might be going into some contentious territory with some of these observations, but with the benefit of Gareth Kavanagh’s presence (a gentleman fortunate enough to run his own pub and host weekly screenings of Series 6) we get a unique insight into what general, non-Whovian viewers might have felt about the 2011 episodes…


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  1. In response to the dislike about the Doctor falling for River, he didn’t it was the Tesalector that she married not “the Doctor”.

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