How to watch Howards’ Way on UKTV

Ken Masters in Howard's Way

Much-remembered British nautical drama Howards’ Way recently returned to TV, but how can you watch it?

On Monday, 2nd January 2023, Howard’s Way docked on UKTV, paving the way for endless GIFs of Ken Masters’ (Stephen Yardley) schemes and Jack Rolfe (Glyn Owen) losing his temper with Tom Howard (Maurice Colborne) . But where can you watch UKTV and enjoy Ken and Jan’s (Jan Francis) affair, the luxurious lifestyle of Charles Frere (Tony Anholt), and mischief from Laura Wilde (Kate O’Mara)?

The easiest option is to head to the UKTV website, UKTV Play, and watch Howards’ Way online. You’ll need to register, but that’s pretty painless in a web browser.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the show (and look out for any passing Acorn Antiques inspiration) on any device that has a UKTV app. Most smart TVs have UKTV, you’ll also find it on Amazon Fire TV sticks and Roku. Apple TV also has a UKTV app, as do many set-top TV boxes from internet providers.

Finally, you can also watch Howards’ Way on your mobile device. The UKTV app is available on Android and iOS.

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