The “End of an Era?” PodKast

Steven Moffat

Following news that Steven Moffat considers his time on Doctor Who to be closer to the end than the beginning, and that he – like Matt Smith – takes things one year at a time, could it be that we are approaching the end of an era?

That’s the angle for this week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) in which Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss the current situation, with added recollection of common Moffat tropes (a companion met at several times throughout her life, for instance) and the recent departure of Caro Skinner thrown in for good measure.

We also look forward to the Spoonheads and The Bells of Saint John, and spend a bit of time chatting about what we’ve been enjoying recently in our recommendations section.

2 thoughts on “The “End of an Era?” PodKast

  1. I think the Showrunner/Writer/Producer paradigm has been the absolute lifeblood of Doctor Who’s new lease on life. It has made, all tastes considered, for a unity and continuum of vision and concept for the show that has revitalized it. I have stated elsewhere that I’m not crazy about the notion of Toby Whithouse (Sy-Fy US Being Human= unneccessary), but if he were to come on and prove me wrong, I’d be happy to eat my Fez (If I owned a Fez, which I do not) and be glad. I think speculation leads to nowhere, as we’ll know who’s leaving or staying when they leave or stay. I’m more concerned about Doctor Who being handled by someone who will keep it in production, who’ll love it enough to sustain it as RTD and Steven Moffat have so well done.

  2. From an American fan of The Doctor, I count myself among those who would like to see Matt Smith beat Tom Baker’s record. If the wardrobe changes, new TARDIS, and new companions keep Matt Smith fresh then I’m all for it. I was upset that Eccleston left after one year and then Tennant did a “Pertwee” and left when his team left as well. I personally would have liked him to stay a while longer so I worry about Smith whom is my personal favorite leaving. I can only hope if Moffat leaves that Smith sees who the new showrunner would be and then see what he brings to it before he makes a decision. I hope he stays!

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