PodKast with a WriterCon!

Kasterborous Doctor Who podKastHi there, Kasterborites! Welcome to this week’s exciting podKast (with a “K”) in which we cover everything from crappy PR statements that talk down to us to fielding questions for a coming chat with a Doctor Who scriptwriting prodigy…

But don’t let any of that disturb you from your baked beans and chips, your soap operas and your wooly jumpers.

Instead, we’ll leave you wishing that you too could be attending an event featuring Terrance Dicks, Philip Martin, Andrew Smith and Keith Temple, in which the guests talk about their most popular episodes, interspersed with clips and fielding questions from the adoring audience.

Yes, next Sunday is Vworp 5:Writercon, so along with our chat about the shock resignation of Caro Skinner as Doctor Who Executive Producer and the recent Series 7b press launch, we’ll be talking to Gareth Kavanagh, organiser of the event!


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Yes, dear listener – you. What other podcast would give you that?

5 thoughts on “PodKast with a WriterCon!

  1. I haven’t been a frequent Podkast listener, but I think I’ll try to listen more regularly. I’ve been co-hosting an anime podcast for the last couple of years so I appreciate the work you put in to bring us this extra bit on top of running that site.

    As for trailers, speaking as an American fan, I’ve always preferred the UK ones. I don’t really like the voice-overs of the US ones, I don’t think we need it (all respect to Mark Sheppard, aka Canton Everett Delaware III who’s been BBCA’s Who voice-over man since Season 6). The UK trailers are always constructed better: the right pace, the right flow of clips, and some great dramatic music as well. It practically sells itself without needing anyone to tell you what its about.

    1. Glad to know we have at least one listener, TC. I think the voiceovers can prove annoying on any station, personally, but Sheppard is becoming particularly grating.. sort it BBCA!

  2. Yes, assuming he’s worked in Traffic, please ask Andrew Smith the best way to swap speeding points with a family member and get away with it.

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