The Bells of Saint John: PODKASTED!

Kasterborous Doctor Who podKastIt’s time for this week’s Kasterborous podKast with a “k” in which Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss the amazing goings on in the world of Doctor Who fandom over the past 7 days.

Recorded on Sunday (and therefore too early to be able to talk about this photo), the podKast this week reviews The Bells of Saint John, speculates about the 50th anniversary while getting excited at the prospect of David Tennant’s return, hopes for an appearance by Christopher Eccleston while trying to suggest ways in which former Doctors might appear and also suggests some recommendations for you to enjoy, from Withnail & I to the extras on the new DVD of The Visitation.

Sadly we’re without Brian Terranova this week, but hope to have him reinstated for next week’s podKast.


From now on we will be sharing our shownotes – basically references and links that we have used in the creation of the current podKast.

PodKast Series 3 Episode 10 Shownotes:

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4 thoughts on “The Bells of Saint John: PODKASTED!

  1. Martha has always had the Doctor’s number, she did use it call the Doctor back once, &, being still in the same universe (though what would she be doing tending a shop?), makes more sense to me than Rose. but i would really like it to be Sally Sparrow.

    i also kinda want to see John Hurt play Hartnell’s Doctor.

  2. Why can’t ex Doctor’s play other characters in the anniversary episode, or Watcher type characters (Logopolis) – warning him about his future… I think that would be a better way to do it.

    1. Extra thought, if they’re Watcher type characters, they can be dressed in white suits, that way we don’t have to see Colin’s costume again…

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