The PodKast Reviews Doctor Who: Deep Breath

Doctor Who: Deep Breath

Welcome to this week’s podKast, which was recorded live on Sunday, 24th August and features an in-depth discussion on Doctor Who Series 8 opener Deep Breath and of course Peter Capaldi’s first appearance as the Doctor!

As a live podKast, we were able to feature  and comments from some of the Doctor Who fans who watched Christian Cawley, Brian A. Terranova and James McLean’s various musings on Hangouts or on YouTube.

This, however, is the audio version, ideal for those of you who prefer to listen. The iTunes, Stitcher and Audioboo versions of the podKast are now available, and you can also click play below…



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One thought on “The PodKast Reviews Doctor Who: Deep Breath

  1. One thing I thought worth mentioning after your deep breath review which I thought someone might have picked up on in time for the following podkast but someone had questioned the need for the scene with the medical examination. This was surely included as a result of the Blue Peter competition where someone had to design a gadget for each of the paternoster gang (spot the glove which Jenny held aloft when the dinosaur appeared) and the winners were to be included. It may have looked a little out of place in the story but it does help to engage the young fans. My kids were worried about being scared at the cinema and would only accompany me after watching blue peter.

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