Doctor Who Flatline Review: Flatlined, or Living Life to the Max?

Doctor Who Flatline

Is Flatline the new Blink? Was the podKast team wowed, or did bad CGI take them out of the moment? Join Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian Terranova for a new podKast in which they discuss the latest episode from Doctor Who Series 8 and cover a few recent news items. Look out for their recommendations at the end of the show!


Introduction by John Guilor.

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6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Flatline Review: Flatlined, or Living Life to the Max?

  1. The audio on the iTunes version cuts off for about 20 seconds at about the 7:35, 11:25, 21:30, 33:00, 38:25, 44:10, 47:45, 48:15, 51:15, and 58:05 marks, causing 3:20 to be missing from the PodKast.

    1. Thanks Dillon. We had some really weird problems with the recording this time around, and we’ll be trying something different next time.

      Apologies for any annoyance the cutoffs might have caused. Very perplexing.

  2. I always slightly resented the character of Helen in “All Creatures Great and Small” because her arrival to keep house and cook meant the eventual writing out of the greatest ACGAS character ever – the supremely glorious Mrs Hall, Siegfried’s housekeeper.

    1. If memory serves, the actress playing Mrs Hall had passed away during the extended break between the series end and return in the late 80s.

      Apologies for the sound, I recorded this week, and clearly glitches were occurring that weren’t present on my headset.

  3. James and Brian say this isn’t the best series since the return, and favour Series 3. I would like to ask if they agree that Series 8 is at the very least the best since Steven Moffat took over?

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