Mummy on the Orient Express Gives The PodKast 66 Seconds To Speak

Peter Capaldi in Mummy on the Orient Express

It’s time to set it straight: was Mummy on the Orient Express the best episode of Doctor Who Series 8, or has everyone just gone mad, seeing things that aren’t there and only living for another 66 seconds?

Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova and James McLean find out…


Introduction by John Guilor; this week’s podKast theme is Jim Parker’s theme tune to Midsomer Murders. 

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One thought on “Mummy on the Orient Express Gives The PodKast 66 Seconds To Speak

  1. Good to hear the chaps unanimously positive about this episode and responding to points made by site users about previous podcasts.

    The reason this episode has gone down better with most fans than Kill the Moon is that it held up well all the way through, which I don’t think KTM did. The latter started strongly but snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with iffy moon-ness and a no-brainer moral debate. The Mummy was guilty of cod science and being another misunderstood creature, just as KTM was, yet it was all just done so well and worked within the parameters of the fantasy world it portrayed.

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