Is It Time To Welcome Back Russell T Davies?

In this week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) James McLean and editor Christian Cawley chat about recent news developments concerning Russell T Davies, from Torchwood to Wizards vs Aliens and, of course, the Doctor Who graphic novel that wasn’t.

We also spend a few moments talking about the Rani and the cyclical abandoning of writers from previous eras throughout the show’s history, something that leads us to wonder if now is the time for Russell to contribute an episode to the series…

You should also look out for our timey-wimey “phrase of the week”, which is cleverly predicted the week (or in this case, two weeks) before it is even recorded.

Just how do we do that?!


(A quick word of context and warning – due to the surprise availability of Andrew Cartmel for last week’s podKast, our original recording for that week is what is presented here. As a result there are references to Hurricane Sandy and Brian Terranova’s absence.)

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5 thoughts on “Is It Time To Welcome Back Russell T Davies?

  1. never sure of peoples problem with RTD.

    He took a show that was thought of by some as mergrrh and more as s***t and made into one of the countrys top shows.

    All because he didnt do it exactly as some fans would do it…its tone him, stone him…

  2. I don’t know as I would welcome a script from him with open arms, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he could contain his penchant for hyperbole. I think he overdid the lone Time Lord as all but invincible demi-god toward the end of his run. I didn’t particularly care for his mania to top himself by making the biggest, grandest, most awesome spectacle of all time at the end of each series. This year the world is in danger, next year the universe and the year after that all universes everywhere are being destroyed. That became a bit much and might pretty rapidly paint the series into a corner – OK, we’ve just saved all of past, present and future creation…. Now what? Less grandiose threats can be just as dramatic if they put the Doctor and his companions in plausible peril – not every danger has to be a special effects visual spectacle. Some of the most effective threats are those you haven’t seen at all – what you imagine is often scarier than what you see.

    On the whole, I think RTD’s legacy will rest on resurrecting the series and making it popular (and viable) again. Personally, I wish he hadn’t made the Time Lords all but extinct, but apart from that, I am grateful to him for breathing new life into show I really like. But do I especially want to see him come back to it? No, not a lot…

  3. One of the major strengths of Series 1-4 was the presence of two excellent writers: RTD and Moffat. Now, while Moffat’s episodes are still great, some of the episodes by *some* guest writers are not. I would be very happy if RTD was willing to take on the role of writing 2 episodes a season, which I feel would greatly increase the overall quality of each series. (And Paul Cornell should also come back.)

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