Ex-Script Editor Revives the Cartmel Masterplan in Fan Fiction Illustrated

Remembrance of the Daleks

Former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel (1987-1989) joins us this week to chat about a new project, reviving the “Cartmel Masterplan” – Doctor Who Fan Fiction Illustrated!

With Hans Christian Vang as his partner for this exciting new crowdsourcing proposal, Andrew is onboard to further the legendary “Cartmel Masterplan” – the term given to the restoration of mystery and mystique that typified his time on the show.

Now then, the important part: please back Fan Fiction Illustrated at www.indiegogo.com/ffidw [EXPIRED LINK] – should the project not go ahead, funds will be returned to the backers, so no one is out of pocket.

We weren’t entirely clear with the way in which the chosen funding model works while recording the podKast, but can explain more below.

If enough money is raised to do a smaller print run, that options will be taken. While the goal is to do 1500-2000 units, if enough is raised to do 1000 then that is what will happen. Below this, and Hans will cancel the project. (Note that IndieGoGo offers two funding options, Fixed and Flexible. If the fixed option was used, the project would automatically be cancelled even if enough was gathered to do a smaller print run – so flexible has been selected.)

Everybody wins – and we’re backing Hans and Andrew to present the Cartmel Masterplan in FFI. It promises to be a major new player in the Doctor Who comic strip world! Learn more at fanfictionmagazine.com. (Note that the magazine is now out of stock.)

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  1. I will listen with interest. I’ll be meeting him at the Chicago Tardis convention at the end of this month……

  2. Have ordered mine (basic commitment due to lack of cash admittedly) but have been looking forward to this since I heard about it. Hope it is able to go ahead.

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