Cutaway Comics, Lytton, Paradise Towers, and Brian Blessed as Omega

Brian Blessed as Doctor Who's Omega

This week Christian Cawley chats with Cutaway Comics’ Gareth Kavanagh about Lytton, Omega, Brian Blessed, and accidentally discovering crowdfunding.

Doctor Who fandom has been gifted with rare treats over the years, from comics and novels to audiobooks, audio plays, and independent movies. Anyone engaged with Doctor Who is aware of at least one of these alternate spins on the so-called “Whoniverse” but such productions are often limited by licenses.

After all, the BBC owns Doctor Who.

But, the corporation does not own the characters created by non-BBC writers who worked on the classic series. That’s where Cutaway Comics comes in. 

In this week’s show, Gareth Kavanagh tells us all about Cutaway Comics, its early success with the Eric Saward-approved Lytton, the development of Omega, and just how he got Brian Blessed involved to record the audio adaptation which was fulfilled thanks to support on Kickstarter.


Gareth Kavanagh isn’t the only guest in this week’s show. Listen out for an old friend, recently reconstituted…

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