Classic Series Sonic Screwdrivers: A Compiled History

Third Doctor and sonic screwdriver

Following the success of RTD Era Sonic Screwdriver: A Compiled History, Brian A Terranova has released Classic Series Sonic Screwdrivers: A Compiled History, a free PDF charting the history of the original pre-2005 sonic screwdriver in Doctor Who – and beyond…

Sonic screwdriver history

From whistles to penlight torches through to turning up in Gerry Anderson productions, the sonic screwdriver in its original form experienced a fascinating evolution.

Terranova’s guide to the prop starts with Fury From the Deep and ends with The Day of the Doctor, thereby covering the “classic” era of the show. Sure, that’s a bit of retconning right there, but it makes sense to include the War Doctor’s sonic in a guide about the favoured tool of pre-2005 Doctors.

Featuring a collection of unrivalled screen captures, prop photos, and comparisons, this guide is a must-read for anyone entranced by the sonic screwdriver.

The Classic Series Sonic Screwdrivers: A Compiled History is newly updated for January 2021, with brand new facts and discoveries included.

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