Time War: Doctor Who Series 1 Revisited

Doctor Who Series 1

Following our previous podcast on how the Time War brings a whole new dimension to Rose, we apply the same thinking across the whole of Doctor Who Series 1.

This time, Christian Cawley joins Brian Terranova and James McLean as they consider the impact of the events of the “previous season” (based on an idea that there is a Time War series that concludes with The Day of the Doctor) on the Ninth Doctor and Rose’s exploits.

Does the fact that the audience now knows that Gallifrey survived the Time War recontextualise the events of The End of the World or The Unquiet Dead? Is there any impact to Aliens of London, Father’s Day, The Empty Child, or Boom Town? How do Dalek and The Long Game change the Doctor’s exploits a few episodes earlier?

And does the return of the Daleks in the year 200,100 represent the final end of the Time War?

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