How the Time War and Day of the Doctor Changed Rose

Doctor Who: Rose

Doctor Who returned in 2005 with Rose. It was the first episode of the show since 1996… but in the show’s continuity, The Day of the Doctor introduces new, unseen continuity to Rose. Indeed, Rose likely happens right as the regenerating Time War Doctor leaves the National Gallery.

This podcast takes a look at The Day of the Doctor as a finale to Big Finish’s Time War stories. How does this redevelop what we knew about the Doctor back in 2005? How does it change the Doctor’s character in context to Rose and the subsequent episodes – all the way back to The Day of the Doctor in 2013, eight years later.

Admittedly, it’s timey-wimey, but we think you’re on board for this.

Your hosts this week are James McLean and Brian A. Terranova. They’ll be watching Rose with one eye on the Time War as they speak, so feel free to line up your copy and re-enjoy it along with them – assuming it starts on cue…

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