The RTD Era Sonic Screwdrivers November 2021 Edition

RTD Sonic Screwdriver History

Brian Terranova has updated The RTD Era Sonic Screwdriver: A Compiled History.

It was March 2019, when I released my first rendition of this Sonic Screwdriver history. There were a few updates that would follow soon after, as more facts kept presenting themselves. Although there were still some mysteries, and these mysteries would continue to haunt me for a while now. I felt that I may have to accept that the how’s and why’s were just lost to the universe. Or, so it would only seem at the time. With each new update, as I – or one of my fellow contributors – noticed something new, the mysteries seemed to slowly fade away. Not all of them, but enough to satisfy me. For a while, at least.

Since my last update back in August of 2020, I’ve filled in more of the blanks, but neither had the time, nor the motivation, to get them out to the world in yet another update to the PDF. So they sat on a shelf in my brain, waiting for motivation to strike.

RTD Sonic Screwdriver History
The RTD Era Sonic Screwdriver: A Compiled History – click the image to download this updated PDF

For sometime now, James Sutton – known to many of you as Scarecrow Props – and I have had quite a few chats about props. He’s got quite the extensive library of screen used prop knowledge, and together we were learning little facts here and there from each other, all in the name of fun. No projects, just two friends enjoying the hobby of prop replicas.

Then, in October of this year, James and a colleague of his known as Sonicbolt Props, made a fantastic discovery, and then they reached out to me. This discovery lead to more chats, speculation, and fact finding between us. Suddenly, motivation struck! All those facts that I had banked for a later date, together with the facts from James and Sonicbolt, needed to get out to the world; and so it was finally time to regenerate The RTD Era Sonic Screwdriver: A Compiled History PDF.

As is always the case with the quest for knowledge, there is usually something new to discover. And thanks to the continued efforts of those listed in this document, I truly believe that this update is the most comprehensive history of the the RTD era Sonic Screwdrivers to date.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have downloaded the previous PDFs, all of those who have reached out to talk with me about them, and all of those who put the knowledge to good use in their own replicas. I hope this file will be just as appreciated as the last, and that this hobby continues on the healing path of fun, and sharing the knowledge. Leaving egos behind, and realizing that this isn’t a competition, but a community that shares a love for the same show.

Thank you.

Enjoy the read,

Brian A Terranova

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