The PodKast With A Rubbertoe [UPDATED]

Hey. listener! It’s time to become a viewer once again, as the Kasterborous PodKast (with a “K”) goes all visual to talk to Nick Robatto of Rubbertoe Replicas.

Nick’s the guy who makes a lot of the original props for the show, from the mini police box in Flatline (it was a prop, not a toy!) to the sonic screwdriver, which we reviewed recently.

Unlike most podKasts that feature a lot of James McLean and Christian Cawley with Brian, this time around it’s fair to say that other than the intro and outro, it’s Brian and Nick’s show. Nick was a great guest, and if you’re a collector of Doctor Who props or you’re keen to build your own, you’ll find Nick a fascinating interview subject. Find out more about Nick’s prop replicas at

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