Podkast Talks Lego Doctor Who, Clara Leaving/Not Leaving

Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald

It’s podKast time! This week we again relied on Google Hangouts for our weekly discussion of all things Doctor Who, and while without James McLean we were nevertheless able to invite Gareth Kavanagh, editor of the Vworp Vworp! fanzine and producer of various Doctor Who flavoured productions in Manchester.

Gareth joins usual hosts Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova to talk Lego Doctor Who, whether Jenna Coleman is staying or going, and offer some very interesting recommendations.


This Doctor Who podcast was recorded live and streamed on YouTube – here’s the feed:

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Intro by John Guilor.

12 thoughts on “Podkast Talks Lego Doctor Who, Clara Leaving/Not Leaving

      1. Thanks, I downloaded it now. I like to have it on my iPod because I listen in the car where I have no streaming data.

        1. It’s not a problem: I have to remember to set the permissions for each upload to the K server, which is where iTunes and Stitcher get their feeds from.

          Totally my fault 🙂

        1. i can’t check that at the moment, but there’s no reason why that should happen. Is this the download you’re talking about? Does it simply stop?

          1. That’s the point where the download stops (download file is 22.8MB). Clicking on the download link takes me to the player that also stops at 24m52s.

          2. Seems to have been a problem with the upload. The Kasterborous player shows 1.03 which is the length of the PK, and I didn’t have any reason to suppose this wasn’t the case.

            However it seems that the uplaod failed in some way, as it shold be 59MB. Just re-upping now, so should be fixed in 20 minutes or so.

            Thanks for letting me know!

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