The PodKast with a Moffat-Inspired F-Bomb

It all started off so innocently. Christian Cawley and Brian A Terranova settled down to chat about some recent Doctor Who news when it all got too much for the American. The news that Steven Moffat had declared the Doctor “not a role model” sent the Kasterborous associate editor over the edge, resulting in a foul-mouthed tirade that threatened to take the podKast off the air.


Fortunately, however, the podKast is not bound by partiality or broadcasting rules, so click play below to hear what Brian had to say about Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat’s very odd statement. Also, please note (if you hadn’t realised already) that this podKast contains adult language.


Kasterborous PodKast Series 5 Episode 15 Shownotes

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12 thoughts on “The PodKast with a Moffat-Inspired F-Bomb

  1. Don’t worry Stephen Moffats only got another 2 whole seasons to slowly strangle the life out of. If only the writers of Big Finish would take over. I am not sure I can stomach any more of Moffats BS mad man in a box, willy wonka, mistress master Popins, cyber Danny, convoluted plot holed weekly disappointments.

    1. To me, Moffat is a mixed bag. But I do want some new life in the showrunning, so I had hoped Series 9 would be his last. Doctor Who is the epitome of change in television, so I hope Moffat doesn’t hang on forever. I had also hoped to see a particular incarnation of the Doctor under two showrunners; to see how a different showrunner could show different perspectives of the same Doctor. As long as it could be consistent, but maybe emphasize some different traits or types of adventures while maintaining some cohesive base to the character.

      1. I agree he’s a mixed bag as well. Last season had some solid stories, but it got weighted down by red herrings like did the Doctor kill that guy in the season opener (of course not, on balance) and the Danny/Clara/Doctor triangle. I’d have been a lot happier if Clara had decided on Danny and just left, in the way Martha left. No big mysteries, no major traumas, she could have just grown up and decided on living.

        The podcast was right in that Moffat does troll people, and that is tiresome after this many years.

  2. I loved Brian in this podkast. He definitely respects his women. Men and women don’t have to be biologically capable of the same things to be amazing. That’s why I feel the Doctor doesn’t need to be female to be a hero to females. He’s just a good person, and everyone should respect that. And I agree with the sentiment that the Doctor can be a role model despite possessing abilities we don’t have. It’s not that companions can’t be role models; it’s just that some are better than others (as people are) with their differing virtues and vices, and that the companions and the Doctor both develop from their relationships (as in real life, as everyone can learn something from another person). The Doctor can show companions something beyond their world. Even if a human companion is culturally enlightened, looking beyond their national / ethnic / religious culture, the Doctor can open to even more ideas: things from the distant past or future, and across vast stretches of space; it’s not a human inferiority thing, but that no species could ever be perfect, and there’s soemthing to learn from everything. And the Doctor is a constant traveler, who often sees the big picture of space and time, but could use the perspective of someone who has daily routines or sees the long-term effects of something, or lives something rather than knows it from an academic standpoint. Ultimately though, people choose their own role models for better or worse; and we can respect people while acknowledging their flaws.
    By the way, Chinatown is excellent. One of my favorites. Very original, engaging, not likely to be remade/rebooted/crossovered, and has some very dark personal and societal plots going on.

  3. Sometimes caring about something a lot causing cursing. (It happens to the best of us sometimes.) People chose who they want as their role models, and I’d have less of an issue if Moffat had said that people should have real people who they know, as role models and not fictional characters or celebrities. That attitude I’ve seen expressed over the years, and I’m okay with that.

    I’d rather have actual Torchwood episodes instead of an audio series. When it comes to the recommendations, I actually look forward to them. I like hearing about new things, things that are old but new to me, or even an old favorite that I’ve forgotten all about.

  4. I’d like to hear the Podkast team’s thoughts on Moffat’s other recent statements about the Doctor’s supposed attraction/romantic interest in his companions. Do you think you’ll cover this in the next Podkast, Christian?

  5. I like Moffat. His era as showrunner has been mostly good. But this is not. I’m not sure he’s got the right idea on this occasion. The Doctor might not be a role model for him but why can’t he be for us???

    Perfectly summarised my feelings about the new Torchwood. Couldn’t have put that better. Same about “shared universes”.

  6. The Doctor is a role model, he’s got that wrong. But I do agree with the Moff that it shouldn’t be an argument against a female Doctor. A woman should play that part next.

    1. No, the Doctor doesn’t need to be a woman, ever. The Time Lords and Ladies are still around. The Doctor is comfortable being a straight white male. Why would he need to change, other than for political correctness?

  7. IMO, today anyway:
    1. the Doctor can be, but is not always, a role model, like a lot of people. which is his true accessibility.
    2. the Doctor has it in him to be a woman, if only because the male part of his psyche has gotten so tired of everything not going his way- time to change it up, be a woman for a while, explore that aspect of himself so long denied and see what reaction he/she gets when somebody stupid tells him/her no. Let the feminine out for a while and watch that fat fly! (Queen/ Princes(/ss haha) of the Universe reference) the humor potential ALONE is worth it.
    3. the only rule of fight club here is really just this: You have to love Doctor Who. 😉 everyone has their little arguments. I hope it got settled and no one was injured or upset for too long. I would be sad about that, as many of us here would I think.

  8. Remarkable Scottish accent, there, Christian. Like Star Trek’s Mr Scott struggling against drowning in a cold bath.

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