The PodKast that Wasn’t at SDCC

Kasterborous Doctor Who podKastCurious things took place at the K Towers virtual studio this week, resulting in an hour long podKast that somehow went unrecorded! Being the passionate Doctor Who fans that we are, of course, we pushed on, recording an approximation of the original that attempts to be as honest and genuine as possible.

Sadly, one key result of this is the minimal presence of Brian Terranova, who could only hang around as long as the intro. However, we think you’ll agree that his intro is perhaps one of our best yet, and is one that sets up the rest of the show perfectly. This week, we cover the San Diego Comic Con, namely the trailers for An Adventure in Space and Time and the Doctor Who 50th anniversary – and the crucial matter of Karen Gillan’s newly-shorn locks.


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Kasterborous Series 3 Episode 25 Shownotes

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5 thoughts on “The PodKast that Wasn’t at SDCC

  1. I am an American Doctor Who fan, and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the trailer wasn’t at least aired first for those in Britain. I am honestly worried the show is going to be Americanized, and loose too much of the British culture that really holds the roots of the show.

  2. well comic con is international and i don’t really care that they saw it first as whovians all around the world go there, but they should release the trailer online soon for the poor fans that can’t go to sandiego…. so no i’m not worried that they’ll americanize the show becouse it’s just the biggest con you can go to, the most fans that’ll go there so i think it’s logical to give the trailer there first.

    (form holland and can’t go to SDCC becouse i don’t have enough money so yeah)

  3. Am so cross that he is pandering to fans in the USA who clearly are more devoted to licking his boots 😉

  4. It’s not because it was shown in America – I’d be equally narked off if it’d been shown at a London Comic-Con and then withheld from the rest of fandom.

  5. I’m not too fussed about the trailer to be honest. It’s not as if it’s the actual episode was shown, I think it’s been taken out of proportion. We’ll get a trailer eventually and it’s not going to make the 50th come around more quickly if we see the trailer sooner!

    Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvel rather than DC.

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