PodKasting the Eighth Doctor

Paul McGann in Doctor Who: Dark Eyes

A little later than planned, it’s the latest Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) in which we discuss the Eighth Doctor’s post-TV Movie life on audio, in books and in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip (one of the strips creative high points).

It’s a full team too, with site editor Christian Cawley, associate editor Brian A. Terranova and podcaster extraordinaire James McLean accompanied by the house band.

While we also address the question of whether Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor is involved in some way in the 50th anniversary (although he says not), we’re chatting really about the creativity of the books and audios during this era, where strong stories were created and somehow injected the supposedly dead TV show with enough off-screen life to successfully return in 2005.

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  1. Why don’t they just give Paul his series. Jeez. Everyone wants him back as it is In August, they are show on BBC America Doctors revisited. Paul McGann.

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