The PodKast that HIDEs!

Kasterborous Doctor Who podKastIt’s podKast time again, and as befits such a download while Doctor Who is on air, we’re discussing last week’s episode Hide as well as finding out what Brian Terranova has been up to recently (turns out he’s making a fan film!).

There’s also room for discussion about #Spidergate, the mispronunciation which splintered Doctor Who fandom on Sunday, as well as a few words about State of Decay, this week’s recommendation.

There are no spoilers, but we’ll also be looking forward to Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS using our traditional “yes or no” system of questioning editor Christian Cawley.


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8 thoughts on “The PodKast that HIDEs!

  1. I’m not sure Hide would have worked better as a two parter, not in the current format anyway. If it were extended the story would need to be beefed up, maybe more characters added.

    I’ll admit I was irritated by the Metabelis mispronunciation when I first watched the episode, but I certainly think fans taking rabidly to the internet in protest is an extreme overreaction. And the most mispronounced way I’ve heard for “Daleks” is “Darleks”. Its kind of funny in a way: the Brits take R’s out of pronunciation, but we add them in where they don’t even belong.

    I do love State of Decay and the entire E-Space Trilogy. When I think of good stories from the classic era to direct newer fans toward, those three always come to mind.

    1. This is great, comments on the podKast posts!

      I think Hide would be stretched, Fendahl-style, if it was a two parter. There are plenty of ways in which it could be done, perhaps, with a time jump to the time travel experiment and mission, but on the whole I in particular am happy with the Hide as it is 😀

      1. I’m sure if Hide was a 2 parter I’d be complaining it would have worked better as a 1 parter. Grass is always greener… Yeah I’d be really interested to know what classic Who appeals to new Who fans, the pacing, content and tone is very different within “classic” Who let alone as a comparative to the new production – what stories do genuinely work for “new” fans? I’ve always been a big lover of Bidmead and the “Trilogy” (Keeper/Logop/Castro), but are they too dry/sciency/cold in tone for new audiences? Would love to know!

        1. Well a few years ago, when a friend of mine had just gotten into the new series and expressed and interest in watching something from the classic, I showed her The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and she enjoyed it. That one tends to be the first classic story I go to for new viewers, I think its just a really well-made and creepy story that most people would enjoy. Plus I think the feel of the later McCoy episodes is more relatable to modern fans.

  2. 1st thanks for updating some of your older podKast (with a “K”) links! But I want moar…moar I say.

    2nd, yea the older podKast (with a “K”) have teething issues…not bad, just not the well oiled machine you guys have become. Ha!

    3rd, I started with the new 2005 series so I miss some references from the classic series. Still, #spidergate is fanboi being fanboi, stupid I mean…

    Last part, “Hide” Rocked! Don’t like scary stuff but I loved this very small character story. The last part for me was a downer however. Stupid monster love story my butt. Also, when the doctor had the flashback with Clara when she says, “I’m not happy”, I was jumping out of my seat believing some clue about her was about to be given. Now I’m not happy. Argh!

    Keep up the great work!
    Adrian Larson

    1. Thanks Adrian – I was reviewing the old podKasts before fixing the links and the difference between even the first and second recordings is considerable.

      In the first, we – and by we I mean me – sound like we’re doing it at gun point. Very uncomfortable!

      Although I’m not sure “well oiled machine” describes us accurately, unless you’re implying we’re all sozzled 😉

  3. I think Doctor Who is at it’s best when it’s steeped in horror, and ghost stories and the gothic classics really bring the best out of the show.

  4. from Snowmen to Cold War, i’d been wavering in my love for Dr Who (despite Matt & Jenna being pretty undeniably awesome, together & individually). they’re overall fairly competently done, sure, but also overall somehow pretty meh for me.

    This ep brought me back from the brink & then some.

    flawed, yes, but i like how this ep works as it is, though i also would like to’ve seen this as an old-style-y sprawly 3- or 4-parter. 1 or 2 eps exploring the house & the haunting, 1 ep going across time investigating the ‘ghost’, 1 ep for resolution. each w/ a classic-style cliffhanger end. though again, to stretch the story out to that extent, for one thing i think you’d probably have to add a proper villain.

    but ultimately i think a longer runtime over multiple eps (even just a 2-parter) would cause a loss in momentum that would ruin that rather perfect last scene.

    i rather like 11’s (mis?)pronunciation of Metebelis. didn’t Pertwee (or at least one of the three Doctors in the Three Doctors) pronounce ‘Omega’ as ‘Oh-m(e)-GAH’?

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