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James, Christian and Brian are back with another podKast, this week discussing just who John Hurt is, and what his “Doctor” might mean to the series.

Yes, it’s more of the 50th anniversary speculation that has consumed fandom over the past few weeks (Matt Smith’s departure aside) and the podKast team certainly have a lot to say on the matter.

As you may know, there are several theories as to who or what John Hurt is playing in the anniversary special. Is he the Time War Doctor? Does he precede the William Hartnell incarnation?

Or is he the Valeyard?


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13 thoughts on “The John Hurt PodKast

  1. So, Hurt’s Dr. Here’s what I think… The Dr died, properly dies, when he is McGann’s 8th, but the time lords put him old hold and resurrected him with a new set of 12 regenerations to help them in the time war, just like they did with The Master and Rassilon. This resurrected Dr was Hurt, No.1 in a new cycle of 12. After fighting in the time war and killing the time lords and perhaps assassinating War Criminals the Hurt Dr was badly injured and this triggered a regeneration that became Eccleston. So appalled was he in his previous self, he then carried on counting his regeneration from 8ie. McGann, when he should have been No. 2 in this new cycle or 10. It won’t be that, but I do like my own theory!

    1. I’ve been hoping its something like this, actually. Although you could also suggest that for the Time War they got rid of the twelve regeneration limit, so the Doctor was resurrected with a new, undetermined regeneration cycle.

  2. You mentioned verrry briefly the patches on the Clerics with the letter Omega: I’d just like to point out to those that don’t already know that this wasn’t a reference to Omega, but a clever way of including Christian symbols in the uniform of the Clerics without using the crucifix. It was actually an Alpha and Omega combined into one. Probably not a reference to the Doctor Who character.

    However, I am still hoping Omega turns up.

  3. Who’s the American chap? He doesn’t sound like he’s a…er…fan! I might be a bit old fashioned but when you’re a fan of a particular TV programme like Doctor Who, you sort watch the show. I don’t care if you don’t know who John Hurt is. He’s a good actor and that’s all you need to know.

  4. Still listening to the ‘Kast, but, guys, I have to comment that you were a bit short on the detail in the first few minutes that referenced John Hurt’s career. Do two BAFTA wins, a Golden Globe win, two or three other BAFTA nominations, a Golden Globe nomination and two Oscar nominations not merit even a mention? (See Midnight Express and The Elephant Man, amongst others.) I respectfully submit that the two minutes of no real substance at all at the top of the ‘Kast might have better spent in research. OK, rant over, I’ll behave now.

    In any case…even someone who doesn’t know anything at all about John Hurt only has to listen to the voice – “…in the name of peace and sanity”. I almost feel sorry for Matt Smith – just when he’s begun to bring some gravitas into his performances instead of leaping around like Bambi on acid most of the time, he gets to go to bat against someone who can show what gravitas really means.

  5. Just because Brian is constructive in his criticism of the current series, it doesn’t make him a ‘nonfan’. I too am not fond of the Moffat /Smith era, but I am a fan of the show, it just doesn’t give me the same buzz it used to and I’ve been watching since Troughton. I didn’t like season 17 or a few of the 80’s seasons under JNT, but like the Dr the series changes and there is something for everyone, but not at the same time. There were valid point as to why the Moffat ear doesn’t hit the mark for some, which cannot be ignored and do frustrate.

  6. I think that Hurt will turn out to be the elderly 8th Doctor – McGann’s grown old – and that he is responsible for the end of the Time War by destroying the Time Lords. Hence his his “what I did I did out of peace and sanity” comment. Although Clara says she saw all 11 Doctors we don’t actually glimpse no.8 anywhere – we get brief flashes of all of the others (even if it’s only the back of a head or feet running by) but where was 8?

    1. Eight was there, but so quickly you’d miss him if you blinked. In the scene where a splinter-Clara was chasing Two, just before that Eight ran past her first.

  7. I don’t agree with people who think Hurt is a pre-Hartnell incarnation. If Hartnell was the first to use ‘The Doctor’ as a name, then how can hurt be ‘the one who broke the promise’ if he comes before any of that. I’m pretty sure, whoever or whatever he ends up being, it’ll be connected in some way to the Time War.

  8. To Kasterborous
    Hello I love these podkasts but may I ask if it would be possible to reupload the 2011 podkasts so we can listen to then on tablets.
    Thank you
    From Guy

  9. Still: The hurt doctor could be the real third doctor and take place after seconds involvement with the CIA but before Pertwee. Think about it: There could be whole chunks of doctor missing.

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