Matt Smith Leaves Doctor Who – Our Reaction!

Matt Smith as Doctor Who 11

WOW! What a weekend.

Regular listeners to the Kasterborous Doctor Who podcast might have been expecting The John Hurt PodKast this week, but thanks to a leaked memo forcing the BBC’s hand over the past couple of days, we’re putting that show back a week to discuss the shock news of Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who.

That’s right, the popular Eleventh Doctor is close to the end, even if it may not be at Trenzalore, and this week’s hosts James McLean and Christian Cawley have plenty to muse over.

To start off with, there’s Matt Smith’s recent haircut and the potential continuity issues this might bring. There’s the possibility of female Doctors and young Doctors, older actors and even – for the brave among you – the reformatting of the show, 1970-style, into running with an ensemble cast.

As you’ll hear, Steven Moffat (if he’s staying around…) has plenty of ways in which to refresh things for the new Doctor.

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8 thoughts on “Matt Smith Leaves Doctor Who – Our Reaction!

  1. Good show guys. I wasn’t ever really a fan of Primeval, but I’m intrigued by the Ben Miller speculation. I may have to go watch some Death in Paradise to get a gauge on him.

  2. On the possibility that they might go with an unknown again… If Moffat is able to go his original route this time and get an actor in his 40s, its will probably be someone who already has an established CV of other roles, because how many actors in their 40s are still ‘relatively unknown’.

    1. You’d be surprised – I’m an agent for actors and there are a lot of actors in that age group. I don’t think it will be someone who is completely unknown, it would be too big a gamble and they wouldn’t even get seen unless they had proven pedigree. It will probably be an actor who has worked steadily in theatre and has had several roles in TV and film – unknown to the average Joe, but respected within their field. It’s hard to get anyone in an audition for roles without a good CV. I personally think they’ll go with a name this time – the show needs to be on steady feet.

  3. Its odd you mentioning Ben Miller’s name in the podkast, he was one of the people I had in mind for the Doctor when DT was leaving the role.
    He can do Drama and comedy, always a good combination for somebody playing the Doctor.

  4. Matt has been amazing, his era just seemed to pass too quickly. Maybe it will feel more “balanced” by the time of the Xmas special though another series of Eleven and Clara would’ve been wicked…sigh **

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