Sharing the Peter Capaldi Love in the Doctor Who Podcast

Deep Breath

On this week’s Doctor Who podcast, Christian Cawley and James McLean discuss 10 reasons why new star Peter Capaldi is going to be awesome.

The podKast team really think it’s time to share the love for a man who is possibly one of the most accomplished performers to take the role (he’s got an Oscar, you know!) and in light of the noisy naysayers with their shallow ageist attitude, the fightback starts right here.

We also spend a few moments discussing the Fourth Doctor, with news that both Matthew Waterhouse and Tom Baker are interested in reuniting in a Big Finish drama, and that Tom’s Doctor tops the eBay Doctor Who merchandise sales chart.

Along with our recommendations, we’ve also got an impassioned plea from Christian who is exasperated by the actions of certain fans looking for nude photos of Jenna Coleman and Karen Gillan…


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5 thoughts on “Sharing the Peter Capaldi Love in the Doctor Who Podcast

  1. You better be sorry, McLean…

    Also, I think I’m contractually obliged to listen, aren’t I…?

    1. You are contractually obliged to be our listener, take notes and weep at the popularity of the podkast trumping your skilled, thought-out penmanship. I suspect your revenge could come in a few “See Nicola Bryant naked holding just a spoon” articles, then we’d been murdered by the sheer wave of numbers flocking to your popular if possibly erroneous, piece of journalism. 😉

  2. Good show this week. Christian, you are absolutely right to be that excited about Capaldi although your list of reasons could maybe stand a redraft 😉 I’m sure once the opener has aired the list will get a lot longer, too.

    Also, thanks for doing the PodKast. Wouldn’t want you all feeling un-thanked.

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