Is Peter Capaldi Too Old for Doctor Who?

Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker

Three weeks after his casting, all the talk in fan circles about new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi is this: is he too old?

This week, the podKast went live on Google Hangouts for a second time. You can catch up by clicking “play” above!

Discussions this week spins off from topics as interesting as whether Russell T Davies might have ever cast Peter Capaldi, the happy news that Paul McGann and David Tennant are both attending BFI screenings of their episodes, Christopher Eccleston’s own, odd message to the BFI and asking where the flip our 50th anniversary trailer is.

I mean, come on BBC!

The podKast this week features no house band, but you’ll be happy to know that Brian A. Terranova, James McLean and Christian Cawley are all in attendance.


We recorded this show live on Google Hangouts. If you prefer to see our lips move, click play below.

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