Is Class Really the Doctor Who Spinoff We Wanted?

Doctor Who spinoff Class

This week we finally get the chance to sit down and talk about Class, the first Moffat-era Doctor Who spinoff, written by Patrick Ness, starring Katherine Kelly and features Peter Capaldi in the first episode.

Although, it’s probably closer to Buffy than Doctor Who

Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian A. Terranova have all watched the first episode (Christian has kept up with the show since) and in this podKast we look at the implications of having a spinoff that is better than the parent show, and if Class is that program.


2 thoughts on “Is Class Really the Doctor Who Spinoff We Wanted?

  1. Since the show is made for a more adult viewing audiance , in the same. Vein as Torchwood , some viewers (parents of secondary students) may have a problem with the sex scenes. Other than we had two new alien species to deal with but the cliff hanger fell foul of a dependence on Doctor Who (Which writer created the weeping angels) Personally I prefer I story episodes , not fond of budget saving two parters and certainly not when the entire series is of one threading story line . For the most I enjoyed Class especially the teacher , she has promise! But that all depends on the BBC .

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