Invasion? What Invasion?

It’s Christmas day. 2:00pm (that’s 7:00pm in England). I go outside and look to the sky… nothing, so far no Invasion. Hmmm… how odd the BBC site said there would be. Ah well, maybe later.

I check back in a half hour, still nothing. Maybe they were wrong?

The fact is, for me there will be no Invasion, I, and countless other Americans, will have to wait. The truth of it is that we will have along wait.

The Christmas Invasion takes place in 2006, or so my research leads me to believe, so looking to the sky does me no good. Even looking at my TV won’t help. The American public is after all still waiting for “the trip of a life time.” February should bring that, but not on all our TV screens, just those in the know.

For every Who fan worldwide there is a Christmas treat, but for a lot of us you might as well hang Tom Baker by his feet off of a fishing line on the back of a truck and drive as fast as you can down a really long road with all of us fans drooling behind him. All the while knowing that he is there, just never able to touch or get a really good glimpse of him.

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was a good one this year and a new series of Doctor Who would just have been icing on the cake, but really it’s not about Christmas is it? I did my part, so did many other Americans, and any other countries that have yet to see the new series. So why don’t we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor?

Simple really, money. Not enough to go around when people who don’t care are put in charge of it. The New Who may never air here, we fans will see it though. The DVDs are coming at us, but the Internet is a small world, if you miss it when it happens you’ll know all about it when you do get your chance to see if for real, and where’s the fun in that?

And if you think that isn’t bad enough, try running a web site devoted to Doctor Who while trying to stay away from spoilers! It’s a bit like putting a picture of the most appetizing meal in front a starving man and then telling him “this picture was just taken a minute ago in the next room, but you can’t eat it until next week,” what do you think he will do?

Whine whine whine, I get it, no one wants to hear me whine. Well then I won’t. I have 26 years of the Best Who ever produced to keep me happy until I can officially join in the fun, so I’m content. After all it is where this all started right?

Besides, February is not too far away; till then I will continue to be the supportive fan and carry on the good fight. Then, maybe, one day the Doctor can save me at Christmas Time as well.

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