Don’t Miss The PodKast: Live This Sunday, August 24th @ 3pm/10am EST!!

Fans of the Kasterborous podKast get a treat this weekend, as we’re webcasting live on Google Hangouts! At 3pm UK time on Sunday, 24th August, Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian Terranova will be giving their reactions to Deep Breath, the 75 minute Doctor Who Series 8 opener that airs the evening before.

Better still, you can take part too!

By using Google Hangouts, we can interact with our dear listener, so we’re hoping you may find the time to leave us your thoughts. Those worthy of discussion will be used in the podKast!

This will be our seventh live podKast, a series which began with the reveal of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor last August:

Since then, we’ve managed to get together on Hangouts several times:

So that’s the sort of thing you can expect. Only with a little more polish, we hope!

On Sunday, we plan to discuss Deep Breath, our initial thoughts on Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, how we hope the series will develop and we’ll be inviting your thoughts and comments on Hangouts, through Facebook and Twitter. Based on previous live podKasts, this should work well, and we’re excited to be returning to the live format for this big occasion.

So, to reKap: the podKast Live, discussing Deep Breath, taking place on Google Hangouts (and with a slight delay on YouTube) on Sunday, 3pm UK time, 10am EST. Those of you who prefer to listen can still do so, as we’ll be using the audio from the live podKast for the usual weekly discussion.

We’ll have the link details for you on Kasterborous, Facebook and Twitter, so keep a look out, and don’t miss it!

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