Discussed: Doctor Who Series 9 Rumours, David Tennant & RTD in Cardiff

Doctor Who Series 9

Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian A Terranova head to the news well for this week’s podKast, in which they cover everything from crazy Doctor Who Series 9 rumours to odd casting and ask questions of Big Finish’s classic/nuWho mashups.

On top of that, we have completely innocent speculation about the Private Eye rumours and the presence of David Tennant and Russell T Davies in Cardiff as well as all of the usual recommendations, pulled from our team like a dentist with pliers.


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5 thoughts on “Discussed: Doctor Who Series 9 Rumours, David Tennant & RTD in Cardiff

  1. This podcast needs a warning for content. OMG I laughed while I blushed what McGann was called as this terminology went far beyond fan service. Then again what McGann was compared to does do a service.

    Also there were so many recommendations including what was said in the beginning about the movies. I was looking to find something to see, and now I have a direction. Avoid Fantastic Four maybe see Mission Impossible or Man from Uncle.

  2. Nice podcast, but by god, you guys need to work on the audio balance, as one of the guys sounds so faint, he’s unintelligible. So, please, for future podcasts, please balance the audio volumes on the various mics.

    1. Hi Carl – thanks for the feedback, we’re open to suggestion as to how to balance two seperate microphones on the same Skype channel.

      Also, who do you think is too quiet?

      1. What you need to do is not record the Skype feed at one location (which is what I assume you’re doing), but instead have everyone open an audio recorder (eg: Audacity) and record their own feed. Email these files to one person who then boosts the audio level of each feed to the default setting and saves the files. Then combine the files, and everyone will be as loud as everyone else — relatively speaking.

        1. Thanks Lynda. This is an approach we use from time to time, but it rather depends on the hardware the team are using as to how practical this is.

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