CultKast 1: The Saint Reboot With Ian Dickerson

George Sanders as Simon Templar

Back in 2014, we took the opportunity to speak with Ian Dickerson, a gentleman closely involved with attempts to bring The Saint back to television!

Following the news that the pilot episode starring Adam Rayner as Simon Templar that gained attention on YouTube in 2013 had been abandoned in favour of a new pilot written by Chris Lunt (who recently penned the superb ITV serials Prey, the first starring John Simm, the second more recently with Philip Glenister) Ian – co-producer on the first pilot and the public face of the estate of Leslie Charteris – talked us through the current status of the production, which at the time of our discussion was in the scripting stage.

We’d encourage you to click play for our first CultKast, which comes in at around 24 minutes and features Ian telling Christian who the The Saint‘s new producer is as well as give us an idea on just how they might bring Simon Templar up to date in the 21st century: “[He’s] a product of the times… we’ve got to come up with a Saint for the 21st century. Does he spend his life online, or does he not…?”

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