A PodKast with a Caged Beast!

Kasterborous Doctor Who podKastYou can’t have missed our recent editorial concerning the revealing of spoilers on Bleeding Cool – and while we are happy for the fuss to die down, this week’s podKast (with a “K”) has a different take on the whole situation.

Rather than focus on the spoiler itself or judge the rationale behind leaking it, we look instead at the different types of spoiler a fan might encounter, the type of fan who might want spoilers or be driven by an insatiable desire to share things that other fans would rather not know and offer our thoughts as to why spoilers are actually needed.

Because they are. In a perfect world, no spoilers would enable complete enjoyment of a story, much like most of the 1980s. But the world in which we live is far from perfect, something that results in the use of small spoilers (such as plot points, casting or set changes, for example) to be used for promotion.

Your hosts this week are Christian Cawley and James McLean.


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One thought on “A PodKast with a Caged Beast!

  1. Are you thinking of when the Dalek reflection loomed into shot in the preview for ‘Bad Wolf’, James? Cos that was a bit spoilerific, eh!

    I have a problem with the ‘next time’ trailers to be honest. I love them – I love any glimpse of upcoming episodes… but not when they ruin a surprise. I mean, it’s fine; on the whole, we know the Doctor and co are gonna survive the cliffhanger – but when the fate of others is at stake, that’s a different matter.

    The one that sticks in my mind was at the end of ‘The Impossible Astronuat.’ Amy shoots the astronaut, a little girl – – then a few seconds later, in the preview for ‘Day of the Moon,’ we see the scene where Amy’s saying, “I’m sorry I shot you.”

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