TV, Books, Games, Comics, Movies: Is There Just Too Much Stuff?

We’ve got a problem. With a new Doctor Who series on the horizon, how can we manage to fit it in? With books, games, comics, magazines, radio shows, movies – even podcasts – where does TV sit? Should specific shows be prioritised? If so, is Doctor Who really a show to watch before, say, The Mandalorian, or The Man in the High Castle, or even I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?

James McLean and Christian Cawley get together to try and assess the load media consumers have to work through. We might also have speculated again on the future of Doctor Who as a broadcast show, in terms of how we might view (as in “consume”) in the future…

Is the family audience still there? Has it migrated to Marvel’s hero movies? Will the producers of Doctor Who evolve the show into a new format for streaming platforms? Is the future of shows like Doctor Who digital-only, or is a physical product still required?

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