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Bloody hell, Torchwood, just what what are you doing? We’re up to episode 5 and you’re only just giving us a decent cliffhanger?

That’s right, it’s time for the Torchwood: Miracle Day heavy Kasterborous podKast with a K, in which Brian A Terranova, Christian Cawley and James McLean try and work out what is working in Torchwood and just what needs fixing.


Don’t worry, it’s not all about Captain Jack Harkness and his band of inept undercover agents – we also cast our eye over the recent Doctor Who teaser prologue to Let’s Kill Hitler, and speculate on just what is set to unfold throughout the next six episodes of Series 6.

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2 thoughts on “The PodKasts of Life

  1. Your use of the term “inept” actually highlights one of the things I’ve found charming about Torchwood since day one but never really could put a finger on it. They’re all, to a degree, inept. They’re not particularly good at what they do, they’re just improvising. That’s not a slight, but I rather twigged to this when Esther made the computer lab break-in go pear-shaped a couple weeks back – they are inept to a degree, and the current team is just as screwed up at Ianto, Owen and Tosh were. The tragedy, of course, is being “inept” (or Jack and Gwen being inept) gets them killed – and as we now know the new cast isn’t immune to this either. In many respects, TW really is the “anti-Doctor Who” because the Doctor screws up all the time too, but in the end we still get a sense that he knows everything and he’s in control. You don’t get that sense with Torchwood, even when Jack is immortal.

  2. I could appreciate that point Alex if perhaps they weren’t so bloody proud of themselves. They seem to be utterly unaware of their ineptness. 🙂 I think perhaps that’s what frustrates me a little. Perhaps a little of that Farscape/Red Dwarf “actually we’re a bit rubbish, but that won’t stop us” attitude would make the inept thing less of a sore point for me – but I do agree, as Brian said also, the inept aspect is a consistent trend. It has been intentionally written that way.
    Though looking on your side of the fence, I do agree as well, it is a good change to have ensembles that aren’t top of their league characters as often is the case in sci-fi.

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