Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Casting Reaction

Twelfth Doctor Who Peter Capaldi

It’s a full team line-up this week as Brian Terranova returns to the podKast (with a “K”) to share his thoughts about the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, something that we’re still excited about!

(Except James. He’s less excited now. Humbug, etc.)

Meanwhile, we consider some of those unlucky chaps who were overlooked for the starring role in television’s most awesome time travelling adventure show. Could Anthony Head have made a great Doctor? What about Bernard Cribbins?

Finally, as ever, listen out for our recommendations, which this week is a nice combination of Doctor Who and other related things…

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3 thoughts on “Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Casting Reaction

  1. Talking about Anthony Head – “How do you know him?” “Well, he’s British” <–best unintentionally funny line

    World War Z was good. I'm not a horror movie fan but I liked it. Capaldi's part though was small and unfortunately not all that memorable. Had someone not pointed out that it was him, I'd not have even made the connection.

  2. i’m the one guy who thinks Quantum of Solace is massively underrated – a good film on its own, an ambitious modern thinking person’s action movie that is as spectacular when it fails as when it succeeds &, possibly most importantly, an excellent critique of the franchise it is unfortunately part of (yeah, not really a fan of James Bond movies). Skyfall squandered the direction QoS promised to bring the franchise, imho. not going to launch into a defense here, just thought i’d put that in.

    if Capaldi hadn’t gotten the role, i personally would’ve preferred someone entirely new/unknown (or as good as). of the ‘name’ contenders, he was the only one i found interesting, & the choice i felt was massively spoiled by the fact that the BBC turned the announcement into that non-event. can you imagine how massively anticlimactic that show would’ve been if the new Doctor had been someone nobody knew?

  3. i’ve been rewatching Children of Earth & was struck by the immense difference between the Whoverses of Moffat & RTD – in a nutshell, RTD’s Whoverse is much better, more fully realized, and very much more lived in than Moffat’s; Moffat’s feels like a loose, windy string of half-formed ideas in comparison (&, actually, even by itself, w/o the comparison). the point being: i suddenly found myself immensely depressed at the realization that we’re getting Capaldi’s Doctor in Moffat’s Whoverse, when he would likely have been much more suited to/magnificent in RTD’s.

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