Russell T Davies Doctor Who Return – What It Really Means

Russell T Davies

Russell T Davies Doctor Who return has been confirmed. He’s been named as the new Doctor Who showrunner following the departure of Chris Chibnall in 2022. But does this mean a return to the show as it was in 2005, or could RTD have something more interesting planned.

Well, what do you think? Christian Cawley and James McLean speculate on the future of the show now that it is finally moving away from BBC in-house production.


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2 thoughts on “Russell T Davies Doctor Who Return – What It Really Means

  1. I’m inclined to agree with you about Russell T Davies’ second stint as head writer and executive producer–that he’ll set up the new version, and then step back, possibly handing over to a hand picked new head writer after the first season, but keeping an eye on proceedings as an exec. Since he is part of the Bad Wolf founding triumvirate, he will likely develop new spin-off shows too. If he delegates, he won’t experience the burnout he did first time around (also there will be less pressure from the BBC to pen most of the episodes, as they now trust others to write under his direction).

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