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Kasterborous Doctor Who podKast

There is much to talk about in this week’s Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”) as Christian, James and Brian turn their attention to the phenomenon of animated reconstructions of missing episodes.

Note: we’re not discussing the ongoing missing episodes rumour in this podKast.

Over the past few years, BBC Worldwide have released several Doctor Who DVDs from the classic era with animated episodes to replace those lost to time. These have been well received on the whole, but we thought we’d mull over some of the differences in approach from the animators, in amongst discussing some of the recent 50th anniversary and Christmas special news.

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Kasterborous Series 3 Episode 33 Shownotes

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7 thoughts on “PodKast with Animated Recons

    1. youre right, i did. whats more there is an erroneous mention of PoG in the podKast as being animated and spent ages deliberating on how to edit it out – only to makenthe same mistake again!

  1. If you take Timewrym: Exodus as read, in which the War Chief re-appears separate from the Master’s other appearances in the NAs, they are not the same person.

    I had no idea they might have built a new TARDIS prop. Looking at pictures now… the color is definitely lighter than it has been.

    I’ve seen The Invasion and The Reign of Terror. I prefer The Invasion, mainly because the two animated episodes are separated by existing live episodes. Two animated eps back to back in The Reign of Terror got a bit irritating.

  2. I don’t know to what extent he was just playing devil’s advocate but James hit the nail on the head about production scheduling. It’s a joke that they can’t do a full series in the 50th year. There’s this silly notion among DW fans that you best express your support for the BBC by hailing their every fuck-up as a triumphant masterstroke. What we should be doing is holding them to account when they mess up. If it’s all due to unavoidable budget cuts, they should be honest about it instead of treating us like idiots who’ll believe any crap the BBC press office says. Moffat has been a fine showrunner but not so outstanding that we couldn’t afford to have someone else if they insist on having him do Sherlock simultaneously. You only have to read The Writers Tale to see how DW suffered from RTD trying to run 3 shows at once.

    So, sod all the bleating about not enough hoopla in the build-up to the anniversary. We should have had a full series, not an orgy of tribute shows.

    1. A bit of both. I’m not a TV producer so I’m cautious to say my opinion is fact, but I really don’t see how the scheduling can be hailed as sensible, both in a less than full quota for the 50th year (you’d expect a full season AND a special and an Xmas episode, and I don’t think that would be unreasonable for a bi-centenary) and a short gap for the following year given you’ve hooked everyone with not just a big event that revitalises the show for moving on, but gives you a new year. A ten month break to me seems mad scheduling – people’s excitement from the previous year doesn’t carry ten months as well as three months, certainly not casual viewers. Ten months and they’ve moved on, and for your kid demograph ten months is a LONG time – interestingly wasn’t Moffat suggesting long breaks were bad for kids when he justified his season six split? So yes my own mere opinion, but I’ve seen little in entertainment which suggests our quota for this year and 2014 schedule benefits the show, though certainly doesn’t break it either.

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