PodKast with a Soufflé!

The Doctor is in trouble in the Asylum of the Daleks!

This is the podKast you don’t want to miss – Doctor Who is back and we’re raring to go with our fantastic discussion and review of Asylum of the Daleks!

While our American team member Brian Terranova might have been gracious enough to hold back on spoilers and “ner ner ne-ner ner” taunting of having seen it first, he’s managed to retain his enthusiasm for the episode for an extra week. Not that it is needed as despite a few characterization issues and the seemingly-ongoing discussion about the use of classic Daleks (or otherwise)  James McLean also bristles with pleasure over the episode.

In fact it’s a full house – but don’t let that fool you as there is plenty more to chat about, from semantics about Skaro to whether Matt Smith is hanging up his dickie bow any time soon.


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3 thoughts on “PodKast with a Soufflé!

  1. i can’t help but feel there was a missed opportunity here: i think it would’ve been awesome if the Doctor had saved Oswin-Dalek & basically got himself a Dalek companion.

    problematic for production, but dramatically interesting, i think.

    wait, did you say ‘a nude butler’?

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