PodKast with a Slitheen

This week’s Kasterborous (podKast with a “K”) takes a look at one of the most controversial elements of Doctor Who in recent years: the Slitheen.

Brian Terranova and James McLean discuss the Aliens of London/World War Three two parter from way back in 2005, along with Boom Town and the Slitheen’s subsequent appearances in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Among the topics their discussion touches on is the question of whether the Slitheen’s presence in Doctor Who was less to do with misjudging the audience and more about pulling in a whole new audience, something that would seem to have been a roaring success, if true.


The whole matter of the Slitheen and their various cousins from Raxacoricofallapatorius is one that has plagued online discussion of Doctor Who for years. But could it simply be the case that these monsters were cleverly used, rather than simple rarely used?

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