PodKast Previews Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode & Docudrama

Doctor Who 50th: The Day of the Doctor

What else could we discuss this week other than The Day of the Doctor, An Adventure in Space and Time and some of the other BBC TV and radio programming celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who?!

Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian Terranova get together for the last podKast before the big day to discuss their hopes and fears for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. Along the way they may or may not mention Stef “The Dark” Coburn, the vast number of events taking place around the UK on TV, radio and in public buildings, the brain melting madness of an international simulcast and going to the cinema to watch Doctor Who and we’ll even find out what Brian thought of The Night of the Doctor (he was unavailable for last week’s reaktionKast).

Although given that Brian is a massive Eighth Doctor fan, you might as well skip this bit…

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Shownotes

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One thought on “PodKast Previews Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode & Docudrama

  1. I would lend a voice of agreement (for what it’s worth) with James’ take on the Mcgann petition. Especially in light of the fact we got given the continuity of Big Finish in it. That IS the Mcgann series. Why clutter the franchise more? I am sure he will have plenty of Dark Eyes to do now. However a Multi Doctor story maybe?? Bring it!!

    If I remember correctly they released one of the Matrix movies with a similar global simultaneous ‘link up’. However it is probably new for TV. It’s amazing to see Doctor Who so popular. I must admit to being a lapsed Whovian (where is the confessional) and only got swept up in the past month or so in the mania of the 50th.

    When I was last keeping tabs on things properly was in the dead of the wilderness years. I watched a bit of RTD’s Season 1 when it came back on but have not properly dipped a toe back in until this month. As part of all the mania I discovered this site and podkast. Have been using it to catch back up with all things fandom. It has been an exceedingly enjoyable experience. Thank you kindly.

    So much has been going on it would seem. I walk back in and find the Omnirumour raging (regardless of its veracity it’s mindblowing that is even a possibility), the worldwide 50th ep brewing and just in time for “Night of the Doctor”!! What a blast. Will be in the Cinema screening all the way here in the Antipodes on “The Day”!! It is amazing to think how massive it has all gotten!!

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