A podKast with a Kerb Krawl

Hugh Grant - not the Doctor

It’s probably fair to say that this has been one of the podKast (with a “K”)’s oddest weeks.

Disrupted by deadlines on the original recording date of Monday, Christian was unable to take part. “No problem,” thought he, “my colleagues James and Brian are more than able to cope with the technicalities of recording a Skype call and uploading it to Google Drive.”

That, listener, was his first mistake.

So we opted to record live on Thursday evening instead, using Google Hangouts. Although a podKast was “recorded” on Monday, it wasn’t actually recorded, something that James and Brian were naturally somewhat unhappy about. So this second attempt was a way for them to try and recall the best bits with Christian also offering his own thoughts and experiences of the week of Doctor Who.

Which brings us to the other odd moment, the one that can only be accurately related by you clicking play and watching or listening to this week’s podKast, where we learn that mild-mannered Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley was mistaken for someone “looking for a good time” outside the BBC Tees building in Middlesbrough.

(Thanks to DocWhom for inspiration with this week’s title and image…)

Click play above to watch. If you prefer the audio version it is available via the player below:

Kasterborous PodKast Series 3 Episode 44 Shownotes

Enjoy, and be careful driving slowly after dark near radio stations…

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