PodKast Goes Live for Doctor Who Series 9!

In exciting podKast-related news that you might have missed, what with all of the goings on this week, the podKast team Christian Cawley, James McLean and Brian A Terranova will be going live this Sunday at 3pm – and every subsequent week for Series 9 to give their feedback on the latest episodes!

We’ll be live on Google Hangouts (where you can take part in the conversation by offering your thoughts in the conversation box), and you’ll be able to watch proceedings live on our KasterborousTV channel on YouTube if you prefer not to engage with us in real time. Naturally, you can also get in touch with us, either by tweeting (@kasterborousdw or @christiancawley @terranova and @jamessmclean) as well as email.

We’re intending that this will be a weekly live show, with our usual polished presentation (…), so if you’re around at 3pm UK time on Sunday, we’d love you to join us as we discuss The Magician’s Apprentice!

9 thoughts on “PodKast Goes Live for Doctor Who Series 9!

  1. As I’m unable to listen live on the Sunday afternoon can I assume that the podKast will be available to listen to here on Kasterborous as usual?

    1. Oh yes, the wonders of modern technology allow us to still use the same show audio as an MP3 on here, iTunes, Stitcher.com and Audioboom.


  2. An excellent podkast. A bit rough on the audio (I hope you guys can solve that), but I absolutely love your insights. James and Brian articulated a lot of my thoughts far better than I could. Unlike Brian, I enjoyed much of the 11th Doctor’s era, but I am really turning against Moffat’s writing; to be fair, the Eleventh Hour is one my absolute favorite stories. Last Christmas was great, but any story with grand scale (openers and finales in particular) fail for me.

    Cinematography is awesome. The acting is fine. But James is right about the messiness of the story. We get a prologue with Davros, and then move away from it entirely. Just stick with basics. Hiding a planet, hijacking planes, and Clara needing to spoonfeed information into the head of UNIT (Kate Stewart doesn’t bring anything to the table), could all be cut. I want to see more of Davros, his return, his inability to fully control the Daleks. I want to see more of Skaro’s early days and the war that would birth the Daleks. I just want to see 12 & Clara just randomly stumble onto locations, not be sought out, or plan where they’re going.

    1. I personally want to see more information on the Master’s exodus from
      the Time War. If Missy is going to be playing a more prominent role this
      season, let’s see some of her perspective – just some insight into her
      return, it can be gradual. The Time Lords and Gallifrey have been absent
      for so long, but now the Doctor is searching for it. But this search
      seems half-assed. A season goes by and nothing is said, but then we get
      some hints in the finales or Day of the Doctor. I want some progress on
      this front. Does the Doctor want their return or not?

      I think it
      would be a fine plot arc. I miss the classic style of random TARDIS
      landings and unexpected adventures at every turn. But now, the Doctor is
      so well-versed in piloting the TARDIS, it would be out of character for
      him to mess up frequently and so intensely. But if each story began
      with him and Clara pursuing a lead for Gallifrey, perhaps venturing into
      areas of the universe where time and space are weak, and physics are
      unconventional, then we could get some interesting deviations from their
      path whilst still making sense. They have a goal, a plan, but it
      requires delving into the unknown and the dangerous. Trying to free a
      planet from a timelock in another universe requires investigating
      spacetime anomalies, and could make the TARDIS quite unreliable in its
      destination. And once they arrive where they’re at, they could focus on
      the local plot at hand, without the overarching season plot interfering
      with the smaller story at play.

      Let’s say Twelve decides the best
      method of freeing Gallifrey is obtaining some rare Dalek tech on the
      Crucible from Journey’s End. He goes there anticipating to sneak in,
      while the actual plot of Journey’s End is unfolding, and he something
      goes awry. He ends up doing something leading to Davros surviving (he
      may not even know it at the time). Maybe the Crucible exploding and the
      Twelfth Doctor escaping on the TARDIS while he is technically revisting
      an old timeline (without actually influencing what we saw in a story)
      somehow ties him to Davros’ timeline, and that’s how we get to the
      Doctor meeting young Davros.

  3. Christian, I didn’t hear your opinion (as I had to switch off last night half way through the podcast and you really, really did sound like Davros lol), but I put it to you that James and Brian are in the minority here? I thought the episode was marvellous, but Brian and James seemed to be concentrating on the negative aspects 🙁 – your kasterberous poll on the episode has over 80% positive replies – and even outpost gallifrey has 73% of opinions in the episode poll ranking it from 8-10. Hopefully you gave the episode a good review yourself, I’ll find out from Davros tonight when I listen in to the rest hopefully!

    1. In general I’m in favour of the episode, although I did find the Essex stuff unnecessary and the hidden Skaro somewhat pointless. I rated it 6/10, because for half a story it seems silly to give it a high mark.

      I have gone to the trouble of rerecording my thoughts for the audio-only podKast. It will be live later today, I expect!

      For everyone else, yes we have fixed the audio issue (about 5 minutes after we went “off air”) so next week’s should work far better.

      1. cheers look forward to it – just one point, I like the idea of skaro hidden, as surely Davros/daleks have done this to blindside the doctor into believing that his 7th incarnation DID destroy skaro with the omega device? but it WASN’T actually destroyed when its sun went supernova…..

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