Kasterborous… Reborn?

So there was this website. It started in 2004, launched in 2005, and we kind of hoped it made Doctor Who news more digestible.

Of course, it was horrendously pretentious. Visually striking, with illustrations by Anthony Dry, Kasterborous.com went from strength to strength, surviving personnel changes and revising its appearance.

Much like the show it lusted after, I guess.

By 2013 and Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, Kasterborous was outputting seven pieces of original content every day. Throw in a weekly podcast, and a series of books and fanzines, it became apparent that it was too big to handle.

So in 2015, after ten years, the site changed hands. The key personnel split, one group continuing news and reviews with the Doctor Who Companion, the other carrying on the PodKast with a K.

The Master regenerates

Which brings us to today. The podkast is reunited with the Kasterborous name, which sounds typically pretentious when written like that.

But, actually, there’s more to it—there’s more to life than Doctor Who, after all. So with this beautiful new theme, we’re going to take the time to explore things outside the box. Admittedly this was an aim of BeyondKasterborous (which should now forward to this URL), but a lack of focus kind of got in the way.

So while this is a rebirth of sorts, it’s also something less niche. We’re not going to devote every single word to Doctor Who. Indeed, at times we might completely ignore its existence. You’ll find some examples of this in the Podcasts menu above, where you’ll find links to podcasts on movies, other TV shows, even Teletext.

Meanwhile, the blog will feature pretty much anything. Retro is the key theme here, but we’re (re)starting small, so it may take a while to get into the swing of things.

Whatever happens, rest assured that our Doctor Who podcast continues, with Christian Cawley, Gareth Kavanagh, and Brian A Terranova appearing in upcoming episodes, and James McLean back later in the year.

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