Isn’t It Time to Get Over the “When is Doctor Who on again” Thing?

Peter Capaldi signs autographs

It’s a podKast without a Cawley this week, as James McLean and Brian A Terranova take the reins and discuss the importance of knowing when the next series of Doctor Who will air. Has that particular item of hype been sold down the river now? Should we not just accept now that a new series will be along soon, let’s find something to do until it airs and not worry?

But then, what do we say to people who ask “when is Doctor Who on?”

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11 thoughts on “Isn’t It Time to Get Over the “When is Doctor Who on again” Thing?

  1. There’s always a lot of time wasting speculation about the show–“will the Doctor be a woman/black, etc” or the whole nutty ratings worry thing or what have you.

    Simply wondering when it will premiere each year… Well, that’s fairly harmless on the fans part and mainly it’s VERY unprofessional on the Beeb’s part. They shouldn’t play coy so often because it makes it seem as if they don’t know what they’re doing.

    1. I Know it annoys people (me included) but you have to remember about the competitors – namely ITV in this case. Giving away debut dates too soon simply gives other channels time to pre-empt the show and do their own scheduling in order to undermine Doctor Who’s viewing figures. We all know roughly when it will be shown so what does it really matter? It’ll be on when it is on.

    1. Hey, that’s not the worst. It’s not great but Colin and Patrick together is a delight when they get going.

      1. Agreed. Not a classic by any standard of the word but one of the few highlights during Colin’s unfortunately brief time in the role. Personally I would have loved to see more Jamie/Peri stories as they had a great chemistry. Not got round to listening to the BF audios with 6 and Jamie and Zoe but look forward to them.

        1. Me neither but it’s high on my “To Buy” list. Six was good with Jamie in The Two Doctors. Not to mention that Jamie & Zoe are among the best companions ever, both on my top ten, so seeing (or hearing) them with Colin Baker would be amazing. ASAP I’ll be getting it.

      2. Hey, you are still my bud, but I think you and I have different ideas on what makes a good episode. I will admit I liked it till everyone got shot at the end, and it made that heavy handed vegan point. Those were my complaints. The reason the DVD is not sold is because it had “A Fix with Sontarans” in it, and we all know about Jimmy now, so that will never be released again.

        1. I’d never qualify The Two Doctors as a good story. It’s just not a bad one. It’s overly violent and hamfistedly vegan with lots of padding but otherwise I can forgive its misgivings because there’s a lot of good stuff in there too. The Target novelisation (by Holmes who, as we know, wrote the TV script) does the story justice much better.

          1. I got The Two Doctors years ago and just listen to the commentaries of Colin Baker, Frazier Hines, Nicola Bryant and Jacqueline Pearce. 🙂

  2. For me the secrecy of when Doctor Who is coming back is just bizarre as on this side of the pond that is not done. Usually we get exact dates pretty quickly over here or at least are told the month of return. (When channels over here don’t announce dates, it usually means there is trouble with the production.)

    I think the whole taking a break thing is understandable when a particular fandom has been such a large part of your life for so many years. Binge watching has changed a lot of things though I’ve been doing that (11-12 years old going to neighbor’s house to watch show on VHS) or viewing programs via strip syndication (1 or 2 episodes Mon-Fri since I can remember first show I did that with was Scooby Doo). US television now doesn’t really have an “off” season like the past where there were maybe only 2 or 3 new shows over the summer and you could watch reruns or whatever. So it does seem like an “endless” cycle of new things to consume. There were over 300 new primetime shows available to watch in the US last year, and 20 years ago the number was a lot smaller.

    I wonder how people found out about regeneration. That may be a good topic. The Two Doctors just aired on RetroTV in the last four weeks. (RTV is available in certain places in the US and there is a legal live feed of one of them.) Please pass this along to Brian, but in Iowa they still show Doctor Who on their public television station. They started over 40 years ago, and continue to show reruns though they haven’t shown anything classic since March (2nd Doctor), right now they’re reairing Matt Smith material. Idaho Public television has most of Matt Smith era episodes available for streaming for free in the US.

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