“Did you miss me?” Kasterborous Relaunches!

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Kasterborous is back, but this isn’t your daddy’s Doctor Who news site.

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, isn’t it?

There you were, quietly expecting a new podcast, only to find that we seem to have gone and refreshed the entire site, turning back the clock to 2015 with a brand new Doctor Who news site (with a design based on Anthony Dry’s 2010 layout)!

Except… we haven’t. You see, this isn’t the original Kasterborous. Or rather, it isn’t the Kasterborous you know. Rather, this website a reflection of the original aim of Kasterborous.com before we got sidelined with endless (and I mean, endless) Doctor Who merchandise, audio reviews, trival news, and all that nonsense.

What we intended to do with this site, when we launched way back in early 2005, was to cover other shows, way beyond Doctor Who. Oddly, we didn’t manage to cover Life on Mars, for example, or Ripper Street (shows that otherwise ended up being discussed more than once in our ongoing podcast).

Similarly, Survivors, Robin Hood, Merlin, Primeval, and all the other shows commisioned o the back of Russell T Davies’ successful Doctor Who revival were largely ignored in our quest to find out Billie Piper’s favourite chocolate bar, or John Barrowman’s preferred April Fool’s joke (steady).

In short, we didn’t get the balance that we wanted… and that’s probably a good reason why the old site ended up with the wrong buyer, and languishing.

This Kasterborous will continue to be the home of the podcast (launched in 2007) but will also deliver news and reflections (not reviews – they’ve had their day) on Doctor Who and many other shows. In fact, you might go several days without any mention of Doctor Who (although that’s not really likely in its 60th anniversary year, is it…?)

I don’t want to give away too many details at this stage, suffice to say I hope what we do bring to your eyes and mind is interesting and thought provoking.

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