Evolution of Chibnall’s Doctor Who: Cold Blood Commentary

Doctor Who: Cold Blood

It’s the third part of our retrospective of Chris Chibnall’s time on Doctor Who, in which we take a look at 2011’s Cold Blood. The concept is simple: we watch the episode and talk over it. You’re invited to watch along with us, but you can listen without pressing play on your Season 5 DVD or iPlayer.

Christian Cawley and James McLean witter on endlessly with the occasional drink/toilet break in a futile attempt to find some find sort of evolution throughout Chibnall’s long-running involvement on Doctor Who. Long before he became showrunner, Chris Chibnall was a standard writer contributing episodes. Did these early episodes shape “his” Doctor Who? Are there any patterns or common story devices that he relies on? That’s what we’re hoping to establish.

We previously looked at the first part of this story, The Hungry Earth, which you might also like to listen to.


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