Does Final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Promise Too Much?

The Rise of Skywalker hits cinemas on Dec 20, 2019 and as you can see from the trailer above, it promises a lot. From Billy Dee Williams returning as Lando Calrissian to the appearance of the late Carrie Fisher, not to mention Ian McDiarmid as some form of Emperor Palpatine. Then there’s the army of Star Destroyers, a Darth Vader dummy, Kylo Ren and Rey again either teaming up or fighting, and massive displays of Force power.

Oh and legions of TIE Fighters and a city on an ice mountain floating in space, like something out of Flash Gordon.

Following the disappointment of The Last Jedi (for all its high points), The Rise of Skywalker looks set to discard Rian Johnson’s approach in favor of the fan-pleasing popcorn of JJ Abrams’ usual fare. And then there’s the talk of surprise appearances, spoilerific rumours that could totally ruin the movie at this early stage if you knew them so prematurely.

But will it be too little too late for the Disney trilogy? Or is everything in place for a fine end to the Skywalker saga? We’ll undoubtedly be talking about this on an upcoming podcast, but until then, take this opportunity to enjoy the trailer.


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